lizarrusti parketxea

An environment
that bridges nature,
person, art and culture...

Imagen de Marron

I´ve been for years, all my life actually, trying to weave a line of union between the person, the Earth and nature. My intention of connecting people with their environment and situation has directed me to make diverse documentaries and audio-visual works.
I have always been interested in people´s relationships, such as those which are stablished between people and nature. I have tried specially that those relations were fruitful and sincere, and I remain so today.
Since my childhood, farmhouses, families and specially the life of the farm in the bush has captivated me specially, and this interest has continued along my life. Later, the desire to know far and distant nations and mountains originated in me. I feel personal relationship with people of each place, as an inexhaustible source of wealth.
Humility is an attitude. To be simple, to understand differences and to show hospitality are the keys to get into other´s houses and hearts. And to feel the other as a member of your own home too.
Currently, Lizarrusti has become my home and from this shelter, I write you these words.
I invite you to feel this refuge, Lizarrusti house, like your own home - shelter.
I invite you to feel this refuge, Lizarrusti house, like your own home - shelter. Lizarrusti is a meeting point for natives of Ataun, Etxarri and Arbizu, as well as Gipuzkoan and Navarrese in general. We would like this home to be the house of all, Basques or foreigners, farmers or urbanites.
Visitor friend, the doors are opened for you.
Welcome! Ongi etorri!
Joxe Ramon Agirre "Marron"

Interpretazio gunea kanpotik Interpretazio gunea barrutik

Center of interpretation and reception of visitors of the Natural Park of Aralar. We have a room of sensations, enabled to arouse the feelings of visitors, in order to get an idea of what can be found in the Natural Park of Aralar. There are also, among others, a room about mountain trails or a playroom.

Sarrera Logela handia Ikasgela

Our facilities (34 people in total):

  • 2 rooms for 4 people
  • 2 rooms for 6 people
  • 1 room for 14 people
  • Relax room
  • Exhibition Hall
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Terrace


Menu of the day during the week and special menu on weekends. It is cooked here, so it is possible to eat as at home.


Live the adventure in ARALAR



This establishment will be closed during the month of January

Para reservas de restaurante y albergue:

+34 943582069

+34 641130759
  • Entre semana de 11.00 h hasta las 20.00h
  • Fin de semana: 10.00h hasta la noche
  • Los lunes esta cerrado por descanso semanal
  • Los días festivos abierto TODOS los días de la semana